Two days of peer learning for the leaders of the world’s best software businesses

Peer learning for people building great software businesses.

Business of Software Europe is a two day conference for anyone growing or scaling a software business. It covers everything about building a successful, sustainable company, except the code.

It gives hardworking founders, CEOs and Geeks alike a place to meet each other and lift their heads from the daily grind – a chance to work on, not in, their companies.

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What’s new at BoS?

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Jenni Jepsen

Partner, goAgile

Jenni Jepsen is a partner at goAgile, a Denmark-based Agile consulting firm.

Des Traynor

Co-Founder, Intercom

Des co-founded Intercom, and heads up the customer success team. He spends his days ensuring customers get the most value from Intercom, and have all the help they need in doing so.

Jack Lang

Vice-Chairman, Raspberry Pi

Whilst not pursuing interests in pyrotechnics and molecular gastronomy, Jack is a high-tech entrepreneur and business angel based in Cambridge.

Alex Depledge

CEO and Co-founder,

Alex Depledge is a Badass northerner who started her career in US politics while living in Chicago. In 2006 she joined management consulting firm Accenture when she returned to the UK but made the leap into meaningful work in 2012.

Vince Darley

Chief Scientist, King Digital Entertainment plc

Vince Darley is the Chief Scientist at King, a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world and creator of games such as Candy Crush Saga. King listed on the NYSE in March 2014 (NYSE: KING).

Martina King

CEO, Featurespace

Martina King joined pioneering Adaptive Behavioural Analytics company Featurespace as CEO in 2012.

Why should I come to Business of Software?

A short video on BoS 2014 and why people loved it

  • Practical learning from the best in the field:  Speakers at previous conferences have included Dharmesh Shah (Hubspot), Seth Godin, Joel Spolsky (Stack Exchange), Clayton Christensen, Alexis Ohanian (Reddit) Geoffrey Moore, Scott Farquhar (Atlassian), Eric Ries, Kathy Sierra (JavaRanch), Jason Fried (37 Signals)
  • The insights of your peers: As well as the speakers, the BoS community is made up of senior managers – founders, product people, marketeers, development – who are at similar stages and working on similar problems. Drawing on their experience is a very important part of what people get from BoS. Come prepared to learn from those ahead of you and teach those coming up behind.
  • Space to think and plan for the next 12 months:  Delegates often use BoS as a regular planning exercise, leaving with adjusted strategies and new plans for all areas of their business. Some find solutions for chronic problems that have been festering for months or years. Others simply enjoy benchmarking their achievements against the industry.

'Simply the best software conference'

Tobias Lutke, CEO, Shopify

'My favourite conference'

Dharmesh Shah, CEO, Hubspot

Like being hit on the head with an anvil forged of startup culture, ideas, and values.